An Affair With Danger

An Affair With Danger is the first book in the Noir Nights series of stand-alone crime/suspense novellas. 

It's a classic "boy falls in love with a girl on the wrong side of the tracks" tale.

A story that's driven by romance with a rich vein of noir. 

Crime Suspense With A Dash Of Romance

When corporate lawyer Will McPherson is held up in an armed robbery, his life changes in ways he’d never dreamed of.  

He goes to court to give evidence and upon meeting the perpetrator’s girlfriend Frankie Slater, he is instantly smitten.

But feisty, straight-talking Frankie has her own problems, not least of which is her violent boyfriend Eddie.

And he soon becomes Will’s problem as well.

An Affair With Danger Reviews

"It's a love story at the core, yet depicts the realities of being stuck in the wrong life, wrong profession and so on. How love can change people's paths!...An interesting read." Pamela Mariko 
"The author knows how to blend romance, suspense and an appropriate amount of humor to keep me reading late into the night."  BbReviews
"Dark themes and a lot of suspense, and very well executed." Texas Book Nook
"Robin Storey has pulled off a book that balances romance, suspense and humour in the highly enjoyable, An Affair With Danger. This novel kept me glued to my Kindle." NicShef Reading
An Affair With Danger Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

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An Affair With Danger (Noir Nights #1)

A Few Words From Author Robin Storey

I've had fans remark that this book is a departure of genre from my previous books, which were comedies.

And yes, this is true, but it's not a complete departure.

Two of my previous books, while being comedies, also contain elements of crime and suspense.

My novel How Not To Commit Murder is about a conman trying to go straight and two of the stories in my short story anthology Comedy Shorts are about crime and criminals.

So how is An Affair With Danger different from your previous books?

It's not a comedy, for a start, although there are a couple of scenes that verge on the humorous.

It's a classic noir novel about two characters, one of whom has grown up in an environment of disadvantage and crime.

Their relationship spells nothing but trouble, but they dive into it anyway.

The novella highlights the dark side of love and romance, unlike my novel Perfect Sex, which is a light-hearted romp in the world of middle-aged dating. 

What is it about writing noir novels that you like?

I like the realism of it, and the challenge of writing characters who are damaged and flawed, but still evoke empathy in the reader.

I've always veered towards noir in the books I read, and I've come to realize it's what I enjoy writing most as well.

Watch this space - there are plenty more noir novels in the pipeline. 

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