Murder Undone

For 20 years she has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress. Now she has the chance to redeem herself.

Murder Undone

Murder Undone plunges readers into the story of wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy. For 20 years she has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress.

Even her marriage to kind-hearted Edgar can't blot out her remorse or fill the gap Charlie has left in her life.

Psychological Suspense To The Very End

When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time and undo her crime as penance, she accepts – what does she have to lose?

Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed by her torment at his infidelity, she is still determined to prevent him from leaving her.

But her plan plunges her into a world of crime and depravity, and she soon discovers she has even more to lose this time around. This taut, gritty novel about jealousy, betrayal and the dark side of love will appeal to fans of psychological suspense, crime and modern noir.

Previously published as A Time For Penance.

Murder Undone Reviews

Dragon Link

This is the second Robin Storey book I've enjoyed. We all have heard people say, "if I could go back...", but what would really change if you did?. 

Love this book - especially the mystical leaning against the very normal backdrop. I empathised with the protagonist, and found some parts quite scary. When Robin Storey wants to take you into the sordid, dark parts of life, you go right there with her. I wanted to push to heroine out of there like she was my best friend. In short - I was hooked.


Pamela Mariko

Shelly Mateer

A very creative tale that leaves the reader with an important lesson in self-reliance. With a taste of the supernatural, this dark psychological suspense novel made me simultaneously feel sympathy and disgust for the main character.

I have to be honest on first glance this book did not look like a book I would normally read but I always like to try new things. A time travel book, this book had me from the beginning. I was not expecting it to be soo good.



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Interview With Robin Storey

What was your inspiration for this suspense novel?

Having published a number of light-hearted books such as comedy crime How Not To Commit Murder and romantic comedy Perfect Sex,  I was drawn towards writing something darker and grittier.

From that desire, came noir romance novella An Affair With Danger.

While writing it, the plot for Murder Undone began brewing in the back of my mind.

And after a brief foray back into comedy to write my memoir Making The Breast Of It, I immersed myself once again in the world of dark suspense..

What did you enjoy most about writing this novel?

I most enjoyed writing the characters, particularly the main character, Eva. Despite her flaws, I think I succeeded in making her someone the reader can emphasize with.

It's a challenge making each character realistic, without resorting to 'types' or cliches, and I generally find that each character I create ends up being a combination of different people I know or have read about, with a large dose of imagination thrown in.

Psychological Suspense or Psychological Crime?

Good question. It's not strictly a crime novel, although there are criminal characters and acts performed within it, so I've classified it as suspense, or more specifically, psychological suspense.

It keeps you reading to find out how Eva is going to undo her crime of murder in her second life.

It has a very noir flavour to it. People often ask me what noir is, and I explain it in this blog post Three Reasons To Love Noir.

In a nutshell, it's a genre characterized by fatalism and moral ambiguity, in which the characters are often victims of their own weaknesses and frequently don't take the heroic path.

Noir can span a number of genres - suspense, crime, horror, even romance. My novella An Affair With Danger is noir romance. Practically any genre can also be noir. 

It's not everybody's cup of tea, but those of us who love writing about the dark side of life are passionate about it.

What's next for you?

More noir, of course! My next book Secret Kill will be more in the crime genre, and here's a short synopsis to pique your interest:

Successful businessman Jackson Forbes has left his criminal past well and truly behind.

But when a young woman turns up in his office claiming to be his daughter and threatening him with a gun, it seems that his past hasn’t finished with him.

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