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Hi! I’m Robin Storey. I wish I could wrap up my life in one cute sentence as I've seen on other About Me pages.

'Robin lives in the wilds of Western Somalia with her partner, two houseboys, a pet rattlesnake and a very nervous chihuahua.'

But I can't. I've never been to Western Somalia.

Writing is part of my identity; I can't imagine ever not writing. I have over 25 years experience in this profession, but first and foremost, I'm a ghostwriter specializing in life stories and memoirs.

I relish the challenge of gathering the facts and events of a person's life and crafting them into a flowing, page-turning narrative.

Life stories can be written to delight family members only, or to be published and read by the wider community.

If you're interested in finding out more, including customer testimonials, check out my Ghostwriter page. 

I am also an author and have written in a variety of genres. After writing An Affair With Danger, the first book in my Noir Nights series, I realised how much I enjoy writing noir.

That probably says more about me than anything.

I like edgy, suspenseful stories with flawed characters who are often underdogs and frequently don't act like heroes.

So Noir Nights was born. It's a series of short, stand-alone crime/suspense novels.  

Secret Kill is Book 2 in the series and Obsession - A Crime Of The Heart is Book 3.

These days, with our busy lifestyles, many people don't have the time or the inclination to read full length novels.

Shorter books that can be read in an afternoon or on the daily commute are often more appealing.  

Plus, I enjoy the challenge of writing a good story in forty thousand words. 

Crime Suspense Novellas: The Noir Nights Series

An Affair With Danger - Book 1

An Affair With Danger Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

Secret Kill
 - Book 2

Secret Kill Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

 - Book 3

Obsession A Crime Of The Heart Storey Lines

Having said that, my novel Murder Undone is a full length psychological suspense novel, with a bit of time travel thrown in.

Sometimes when you get an idea for a novel, you have to run with it. 

Also, because I can't help myself and it's the way I view the world, my books usually contain a vein of humour, particularly evident in my book How Not To Commit Murder and my short story book, Comedy Shorts

The humour is more subtle in my other crime novels.

Psychological Suspense And Comedy Crime

Murder Undone

Murder Undone Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

How Not To Commit Murder

How Not To Commit Murder Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

Comedy Shorts

Comedy Shorts Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

My very first book was a romantic comedy called Perfect Sex.

As a budding author and still learning my chops, that one took a long time to write and though I had a lot of fun writing it, it's a one-off as far as romantic comedy is concerned.

I realised that I love the cut and thrust of the edgy world of crime, in contrast to the softer world of romance.

After surviving breast cancer in 2015, I decided to write a memoir of my experiences and how humour helped me to get through it: Making The Breast Of It.

Romantic Comedy And Memoir

Perfect Sex

Perfect Sex Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

Making The Breast Of It

Making the Breast of It Storey Lines Robin Storey Author

Stories Articles And Other Jottings

As a change of pace from the marathon of novel writing, I also enjoy writing short stories.

A couple of these you can read from my stories page under the Stories menu above - The Pistol and The Muse. 

Two of my award-winning short stories, A Peaceful Death and Sleuthing for Beginners are featured in my free e-book Comedy Shorts

I have also won  a number of awards in short story competitions run by Stringybark Stories.  I won second place in the 2021 Open Short Story competition and had my story Badge of Courage published in the Stringybark Stories anthology The Mirror. 

 I also won two highly commended awards in previous competitions, and had those two stories, Make Believe and The Perfect Job published in the Stringybark Stories anthologies Cocktails and Red Gold.  

My website has undergone quite a few changes of direction in line with my own plans and goals, and I have now settled into the roles of ghostwriter and indie author.

Previously on my blog I shared the interesting and humorous aspects of being an author of a 'certain age.'   Here's a sample: Writing About What Hurts

Currently I post book reviews; each month I feature a book, fiction or non-fiction, that I've enjoyed reading. Here's a sample: Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

To find out more about my novels, please go over to my Novels page where you can read about each one in more detail, or click on the image below.

Storey Lines Website Header 2020 storey-lines.com

A Little More About Me

I’m an Aussie, living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, in my unbiased opinion one of the most picturesque and livable parts of the world.

When the temperature gets down to 10 degrees C in winter, we rug up and complain bitterly.

I love the casual, relaxed lifestyle and the beach is one of my favourite places to chill out and find inspiration.

Mooloolaba Beach

Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast

I also love hiking and travelling, and combined the two in September 2016 by undertaking the the 800 kilometre Camino Frances pilgrimage across northern Spain with my partner.

A life-changing experience which I highly recommend. I wrote a blog post about it,  Five Life Lessons from Walking the Camino de Santiago.  

I have a loving, supportive partner, (unfortunately, no houseboys and fortunately, no pets) 3 adult children and a weakness for chocolate. (What writer doesn't?).

There's something about the process of writing that sparks that craving!

I'm also a member of the Queensland Writers Centre, Australian Society of Authors, Life Stories Australia and Sisters in Crime. 

These organisations have been fantastic in providing education (workshops and seminars) and support.

Please drop a line and say Hi, or leave a comment at the end of my blog posts.

I love connecting with other readers and writers and am always up for a good chat about writing and reading, my two favourite pastimes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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