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Be Remembered With Your Own Memoir Without Having To Write A Single Word Yourself

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Robin has shown sensitivity, dedication and patience in the process of recording my elderly husband’s memoirs. The family is so happy that we arranged this before his memories became irretrievably lost. The quality of the writing is professional. The voice is my husband’s, the tone and content are his. We are thrilled with the result.


Why work with Me

To create an engaging story about your life, you need someone who is prepared to listen.  Who will take the time to discover your most compelling life events, while not glossing over the everyday details of your life. And you need someone who can write it, in your voice, so that others want to read it. I can do that for you. Continue below to find out more.

How Robin Can Write Your Life Story The Way You Want It


Robin offers an initial, no-obligation, free consultation to first determine the potential for your memoir.

Once hired, Robin will dive deeper into this process to help you to create a framework for the finished product, as well as an overview timeline of production so that you are always kept up-to-date.

Researching and Writing

Robin will take all the material you have, do additional research as necessary, and will write your memoir/life story up to the stage of first draft.

Robin will then be in contact to review the draft with you and to make changes or additions if necessary. Extensive re-writes are not included in any initial costs.

Second Draft/Proof Reading

The memoir/life story will be completed based on any changes and corrections required, and Robin will then send it to a professional proofreader.

Proofreading (editing for spelling, punctuation and grammar) is essential for a polished manuscript, whether it is being commercially published or self-published.

This is normally an added cost, but see the Limited Time Bonuses below. 

Meet Robin

Robin Storey is a gifted ghostwriter of memoirs and autobiographies, whose compassion and experience has enabled her to bring out the best memories of her clients' lives through her exceptional writing style. Robin is also a prolific fiction writer, most notably in the comedy/crime and noir genres, and has achieved great success with her novels through the clever use of humour and life experience. She is a renowned blogger on her storey-lines.com website and has a faithful following in the thousands plus many ghostwriting clients on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Australia-wide. She also welcomes international enquiries - all contact and interviews can be done on Zoom or other video app. 

Robin can sum up her writing with the following Gloria Steinem quote.

Writing is the only thing I do that when I do it, I don't feel like I should be doing something else.

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Robin Storey


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5 Reasons To Write Your Life Story

You Don't Have To Be Famous To Be Fascinating

Just because you're not in the news everyday doesn't mean you haven't made an impact on the world. A ghostwriter can highlight your unique experiences. Your friends, family and others would be fascinated by the life you've led.

Build A New Level Of Status, Mystery And Intrigue About Yourself

Use your memoir or life story to promote your business and be seen as the expert in your field, by sharing your story and creating intrigue among your colleagues.

Your Family Will Always Remember You

We live...and then we move on. Sadly, it's a fact of life, but a memoir or autobiography means your family can always revisit you whenever they want, reliving the stories that made you so memorable.

It Becomes A Great Research Tool

Your memoir can be a trove of information for family members, friends and future generations. The best memoirs provide fantastic historical background for readers and writers alike.

Because There's No Time Like The Present

Be in charge of the story written about you, rather than having it done after you're gone.  Have your memoirs written NOW while you have something important to say to the world.

What My Clients Say

Bob McDermant Portrait Small

Bob McDermant


At age 96 I thought my dream of writing my Autobiography was unattainable. I’d left it so late my writing was illegible, my eyesight virtually gone, my hearing poor. Robin Storey proved herself to be a very patient, understanding and diligent Ghost Writer for my project. My Book, The Ambo has now been published and is receiving rave reviews already. This would never have been possible without Robin. I will always be grateful to her for that and I am proud of what we have achieved together. 

Pam Mariko Headshot

Pam Mariko


Robin gave me a lot of valuable feedback during the process of writing my memoir Red Moon - Secrets of a Sixties Schoolgirl. She critiqued all facets from character development to the pace and structure of the story, and helped me to create a book that I am very proud of and which was a semi-finalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. If you're looking for help in writing your memoir, I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Graham Reid Travel West Tours

Graham Reid


From the time we were first introduced to Robin I knew she was the right person to help me put my story into a usable document. Many of our passengers have read Characters & Campfires and commented on how well it is presented. Thank you Robin for your clever work, it's a nice compliment to our tour.

Marta Hardeman Around The Ridges

Marta Hardeman


Robin has shown sensitivity, dedication and patience in the process of recording my elderly husband’s memoirs. The family is so happy that we arranged this before his memories became irretrievably lost. Facts were checked with other family members. The quality of the writing is professional. The voice is my husband’s, the tone and content are his. We are thrilled with the result and will certainly publish.

Why Hiring A Ghostwriter is Your Best Option


Ghostwriting, and memoir writing in general, is an art form that requires time, experience and a lot of gnashing of teeth to ensure it's done properly.  All you  have to do is to give your ghostwriter the facts - during interview, on a written document, or a combination of both - and let them do the hard work of putting it all together, while you enjoy your free time.


If you've ever tried to put your thoughts to paper, you know how much time it takes to get it right. A ghostwriter can save you months, or even years over the life of your project.


Most people have no idea how much it actually costs to write a memoir themselves. You have to factor in how much money you are NOT making, while doing the actual research and writing. It adds up.....FAST.


You want a memoir that people enjoy reading. You want it to flow, to be coherent and to engage the reader right to the end. A professional ghostwriter can create a book you'll be proud of.


A good ghostwriter knows exactly how to frame your content and your life, so that the most important and memorable aspects are highlighted to the reader in the most compelling way.

Do You Need A Ghostwriter Right Now?

Do you want your story written NOW? Do you have the money to do it NOW?
Hiring a ghostwriter can be the best thing you've ever done if you take the right approach.
But you have to be ready, because a life story is a major project and your time and the ghostwriter's is precious. So here's a quick checklist to see if you should get started right away, or maybe wait awhile. 

Get Started

  • You're ready to take action now  
  • You're prepared to spend $35,000 AUD or more for a quality, book-length story
  • You have research material that can be accessed easily, or is at least retrievable
  • You're prepared to let the ghostwriter do their job and to trust their judgement

Wait A While

  • You're still only thinking about it 
  • You're NOT prepared to spend the money to get the job done
  • You do not have research material and want the ghostwriter to do it all for you
  • You tend to micro-manage projects or are unable to just let go and trust

To Be Remembered You Need To Be Memorable

If you identified with the Get Started box above, you're ready to write your memoir/life story. You have the right attitude, level of commitment and are the type of person whose memoir is just begging to be written. You realise that you can save time, money and a lot of frustration by having a professional ghostwriter create your story RIGHT NOW. So it's time to book an appointment and get the ball rolling. Click the button below.

Limited Time Bonuses

If you're ready to start creating your memoir or autobiography today, for a limited time only you will get the following bonuses.

ACCESS To Industry Experts

If your goal is to publish your story yourself, you'll need to find expert printers, formatters, marketers, sales people, and publishers. That's a lot of hard work, so this bonus is designed to take that burden from you. Let Robin do all the work for you to ensure you get the best.

FREE Monthly Calls

Normally an added cost, this bonus means that Robin will not charge for monthly update calls. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your project, while also giving you peace of mind about your story's progress.

FREE Proofreading

This special bonus (normally an additional cost), is offered due to Robin's intimate industry contacts. Her close relationships with a select few industry experts means Robin can keep your costs low, while maintaining the highest quality output. This will save you hundreds of dollars.


What Is A Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional who writes personal, literary and journalistic works, plus speeches or any other work that will ultimately be attributed to someone else, i.e you. They provide specialist expertise in the field of writing.

What's The Cost Of Hiring A Ghostwriter?

This is the big question and the answer is...it depends. The cost of a life story of 50,000 to 60,000 words (about the length of a 250 page book) is around $35,000, but if you'd like a shorter story, the cost can be adjusted accordingly. My no-obligation consultation process will help to define a clear figure for you.

How Long Is The Consultation?

About an hour.  This should be long enough for both you and me to get a good idea of the size of the project, the costs and potential timeline. I am happy to meet you in person if feasible, otherwise we can talk by phone or on online meeting platforms.

Whose Name Goes On The Book?

Yours. This book is your autobiography/memoir, so it will have your name on it. Some people like to acknowledge the fact that they’ve had professional assistance  by including the word ‘with’ and the name of the ghostwriter after it. But it’s entirely up to you.

What If You And I Have A Falling Out?

This is rare, as I take great care to accommodate your wishes, but if it should happen, your contract provides for either party to terminate the agreement upon written instruction. We will both be adequately protected against loss and can leave the relationship on the best possible terms.

Will You Help Me Get My Memoir Published?

My job is to write your memoir, not to publish it, but I can refer you to reputable experts in the publishing industry who can help you, or I can manage the process for you for an extra fee. Whether you just want a few print copies for family and friends, to self-publish your memoir and make it available to the public to buy, or whether you’d like to obtain a publishing contract with a traditional publisher, I can assist you.

What If I've Already Written A Memoir?

If you’ve already written a memoir and are looking for some feedback or advice, I can certainly provide that, at a price commensurate with the size of the book. You’re welcome to contact me and we can discuss it.

What's The Difference Between A Memoir And An Autobiography?

A memoir is about a specific incident/time/experience in your life or deals with a specific theme, whereas an autobiography is an account of your whole life.

Are Ghostwriters Paid Royalties?

In general, no. They are paid up front for their work, in much the same way as a consultant. Payment plans vary. I charge 50% up front, with the remainder paid monthly during the writing and editing phases.

How Long Will It Take You To Write My Memoir?

As long as it takes. That's the best answer I can give. Each project will have its own timeline but to give a ball-park figure, each 10,000 words will usually take about 2 months. So a 30-50,000 word book may take 6 months, including research. But it depends on so many factors, such as the quality and volume of your own research, so we'd have to discuss that.

Will You Be Honest With Me?

If I think your project is not something that would translate well to a memoir, I’ll say so. It doesn’t help you or me if I take on something that I don’t think is going to work. My motto is always ‘How can I get the best outcome for my client?’ In some cases, the ‘best’ is not to write a memoir, but to create something else. This will become evident to you during the initial consultation.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Only in the sense that I guarantee to do my very best to write your memoir the way you would like it written. During the initial consultation, we will come to an agreement on the structure and style of the memoir, and after I’ve completed the first draft, you get the opportunity to read it and provide feedback about changes you would like made.

Will You Do All My Marketing?

No. Marketing is an area of expertise on its own, but I can refer you to reputable professionals in the field. We can discuss this during your initial consultation.

What If I'm Not Ready Right Now?

If you’re still trying to make up your mind whether to have your memoir written or if there are obstacles, you’re still welcome to contact me. I may be able to give you a few suggestions or ideas to help you.

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