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Why Writers Should Keep a Journal – And Why I Don’t

Do you keep a journal, either daily or otherwise?One of the things on my daily to-do list, along with yoga, meditation and becoming independently wealthy, is writing in my journal. Daily journalling is extolled by many famous writers, as in this post on PolicyMic – 6 Brilliant Writers on the Importance of Keeping a Journal.Reasons […]

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What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

What advice would you give your younger self?Assuming your younger self would have listened to an old crock like you!Advice To Your Younger Self In Three WordsAnd what if you had to do it in only three words?  This is the hard bit, because we baby boomers do tend to rave on about the days […]

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Public Speaking Robin Storey with library poster

Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do

Last week I confronted one of my lifelong fears – public speaking. I did my first author talk at my local library.Public SpeakingIf anyone had told me even a year ago that I would be speaking in front of 40 people I would have quaked at the knees and squawked, ‘No way!’ The talk went over […]

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Taking the Guilt out of Guilty Pleasures

I love the concept of indulging in guilty pleasures.Something you love doing, but know you shouldn’t, its illicitness making it all the more enjoyable. The other day I indulged in one such pleasure.I went to the movies on my day off when I was supposed to be writing.Guilty PleasuresHaving a part-time job, the days I […]

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55 Things I Love

I love a lot of things but there are 55 thing I love most.Well, that I could come up with in ten minutes that is.Writer Judy Lee Dunn recently wrote a blog post called ‘Can you name 99 things you love in 10 minutes?’ And It sparked off a wave of reciprocal posts as others did […]

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What Is Literary Fiction?

‘What’s literary fiction?’ my partner asked me the other day.I struggled with my reply – mainly because I’m not sure of the answer myself.  The glib reply would be ‘books that have no plot and you need a degree in English Literature to read.’  But that would be unfair to those who write in that […]

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Writers’ Research – How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go in your pursuit of research?One of the perks of being a writer is the research you often have to do for the authenticity of your story, characters, setting etc.  While writing my novels I’ve learnt about many things.Roof tiling, computer hacking, being in jail, various mental illnesses and sex shops, […]

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Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum!

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day on September the 19th. Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum.Talk Like A Pirate DayI don’t know about you but by this time of year my social conscience has worn very thin. It seems there’s a worthy cause for every day of the year, from the popular Red […]

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Internet Dating The Bald Facts storey-lines.com

Internet Dating – The Bald Facts

Internet dating is like playing pin the tail on the donkey. You faff about blindly while your friends laugh hysterically, and you generally end up with the booby prize.Online Dating PerilsThe night I was rejected by a sixty year old transvestite with a walking stick was the turning point for me. I was at a […]

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What Makes You Laugh?

What makes you laugh?I know what makes me laugh and if you’re anything like me it will be something quite absurd.Laugh And The World Laughs With YouInternationally acclaimed comedian Tim Ferguson is running a workshop on comedy writing at the Gold Coast on 10 August.  There’s obviously a lot of interest in this art as […]

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