Characters And Campfires

Characters and Campfires is Australian story-telling at its best.

Before I decided to dedicate myself to writing full-length books, I was involved in writing in one form or another.

This included advertising, writing a regular newspaper column and numerous feature articles in newspapers and magazines.

One of the projects I enjoyed the most was writing an e-book for two intrepid travel tour operators named Graham and Deb Reid, who own and operate Travel West.

Travel West is a travel company that specialises in personalised tours of the Australian Outback.

On The Road (Train) Again

Graham used to drive road trains (very large trucks) throughout remote Australia and he wanted to get his adventures down on paper.

His stories intrigued me and by the time I'd finished writing them, I was ready to pack my bags and hit the dusty trail.

Graham's down-to-earth approach to the trials and tribulations of driving a massive truck and trailer(s) from one side of the country to the other with all the obstacles that entails.

And doing it with a sense of humour, is such a great story that it makes you want to head off to Australia's outback and witness the beauty he saw on a daily basis.


Characters And Campfires

Graham and Deb wanted to use the story to whet the appetite of their regular clients (and new clients) and in that, they have succeeded greatly.

The e-book is called Characters and Campfires and can be found on the home page of the Travel West site.

It's a free download and is sure to give you a special insight into Australia and some of its unsung heroes.

Just look for the section titled "E-books and Other Great Reading" down at the footer of the site.

Characters And Campfires Cover
Graham Reid Travel West Tours

Graham Reid @travelwesttours

From the time we were introduced to Robin I knew she was the right person to help me put my part story into a usable document. Many of our passengers have read Characters & Campfires and commented on how well it is presented. Thank you Robin for your clever work, it's a nice compliment to our tour operation in western Queensland.

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