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magazine reading is still popular

Despite the popularity of online media, there are millions of people worldwide who still read newspapers and magazines.

Here are three reasons why print ads are an effective form of advertising.

  • Ads can be targeted to the consumers interested in the product – eg baby goods advertised in a parenting magazine, gym memberships in a health and fitness magazine. Readership of newspapers is broader because they cover a wider range of topics, but within the newspaper certain sections are targeted to special areas of interest – sports, motor vehicles, travel, recreation etc. If you’re aiming to increase your local business, advertising in community newspapers is effective and inexpensive.
  • You can ask for your ad to be placed on a specific page, perhaps next to a relevant article, or in a certain section that’s relevant to your business.  Rates will vary according to where you place your ad.
  • Magazines and newspapers in general have been around a lot longer than online media, so often have longstanding loyal readers who are more receptive to their ads.


Print ads consist of three elements – the headline, the visual and the body.

As with all advertising, an attention-grabbing headline is vital.  Short and simple is best. For example:

Want to Lose Weight Fast?

How to reduce your mortgage payments.

The visual - the photograph or image - should be relevant to the headline and make people want to continue reading. You need to make it clear, bold and instantly recognisable.

The body is difficult to write as you only have a small amount of space and you can’t fit all the information in that you’d like to about your product.  So you need to think of the key message that you want to put across.

For example, if you’re a tax agent, you may offer many different services within that field, but your most important message for your print ad is that you help your customers get the maximum tax refund. So you tailor your ad around that concept.


If you need help with your ad, you can hire a copywriter to write the words and a graphic artist to do the visual and the layout. The words and the graphics require very different and specific skills and it’s unusual to find someone who can do both well.

Click here to read a print ad I’ve written.

If you’re thinking of placing an ad in a magazine or newspaper you’re welcome to contact me for an obligation-free chat about writing the copy. Please email me or phone me on 0402 937 773.

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